Another fucking AOW2 fork
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* AOW01 - Red Zone
* AOW02 - Barrens
* AOW03 - All Out War
* AOW04 - Glacier
* AOW05 - Valley
* AOW06 - Floating City
* AOW07 - Canyon
* AOW08 - Island
* AOW09 - Infected
* AOW10 - Space Camp
* AOW11 - Disk Defrag
* AOW12 - Hell March
* AOW13 - Lava Giant
* AOW14 - Waste Plant
* AOW15 - Oasis
* AOW16 - Missile Site
* AOW17 - Sand Canyon
* AOW18 - Mining Site
* AOW19 - Volcanicity
* AOW20 - Renegade 2030
* AOW21 - Renegade 2032
* AOW22 - Mercury
* AOW23 - Defunct Commission
* AOW24 - Surface Tension Reloaded
* AOW25 - Renegade
* AOW26 - Mir
* AOW27 - Reactor
* AOW28 - Happy Fragging
* AOW29 - Mining Camp 2
* AOW30 - AOW Zone
* AOW31 - Hoth

* Version information includes build and commit date/time
* Corrected mini-raven flags: They are no longer pushable, or solid.
* Beacons will now disarm themselves when placed near their own team's
* Fixed addon purchasing not checking discounts correctly
* Added a dumb workaround to prevent ejecting one mech multiple times.
This means you can no longer use any inventory item to eject a mech;
but it should prevent a bunch of exploits.
* Fixed beacons not being given correctly when Sudden Death starts
* epsilon_cl_confonthud temporarily disabled due to bugs
* Purchasing a class now sets player health to their spawn health
* Clean up some definitions code
* Maps
* AOW02
* Fixed building sector tags and MCT line tags
* AOW06
* Fixed red barracks walls being passable
* AOW09
* Removed the duplicate red obelisk MCT actor in the blue obelisk
* AOW15
* Fixed broken spawnrooms
* AOW16
* Fixed both barracks having one passable wall
* Fixed war factory doors kinda
* Classes
* Sniper now depends on Barracks, not the research centre (this moves
it into the Combat category in the menu)

r218 (17/09/2019):
* Bumped max number of razor wires to 40
* epsilon_cl_menubackground now defaults to false
* Bumped proxy mine health; can no longer be removed by removergun
* Mitigate a bug with the util menu that causes many clients to
* Fixed being able to use weapons in spawn by walking through the other
side of the teleporter
* Remote C4s no longer auto-disarm themselves
* Added usefraggrenade bind
* Can no longer buy addons with insufficient credits
* Fixed enhanced refining
* Fixed credit flow issues
* Weapons
* Gatling gun now fires 2 bullets instead of 3
* Gatling gun now does 4 damage per bullet instead of 6
* Shotgun has been nerfed
* Chainsaw alt-fire is no longer an instakill (at full health)
* Mechs
* The repair facility once again replenishes Juggernaut nukes
* Classes
* Minigunner and machinegunner no longer have bulletproof armour
* Jet trooper no longer has bulletproof armour
* Maps
* Fixed a line that was impassible by mechs

r189 (15/09/2019):
* A new palette, inspired by that of Omega v15
* Added new AOW2-specific MENUDEF
* Removed the old aow_preferences menu in favour of MENUDEF
* Added a new console font
* Some internal data tweaking
* CVARs have been moved to CVARINFO, and have been renamed from aow_ to
epsilon_ to avoid conflicts
* Added epsilon_cl_fov, which allows changing player FOV between 70-120
* Added epsilon_cl_menubackground, which draws a transparent background
behind menus to increase readability
* Added back developer mode
* Added tags to weapons that didn't already have them
* It is no longer possible to evade having the full amount of tickets
being deducted from the pool by ejecting a mech before dying
* Added a configurable mech purchase cooldown
* Improved FatalError implementation
* Timed C4s will disarm themselves when placed near their own team's
* Remote C4s will disarm themselves when the player who placed them
* The Intel and Rank backgrounds were removed from the HUD due to scaling
* Added aow_forceteambalance, to manually invoke team balancer
* General bugfixes
* You can no longer identifytarget stealthed players
* Stealth weapons are no longer rendered black
* Fixed tiny mechs
* Fixed skin warnings on startup
* Maps
* AOW02
* Fixed a myriad of texture alignment issues
* Added a basic skybox for a prettier spawn
* Some aesthetic texture choice changes
* Moved the powerup crate to a platform in the middle of the central
* Adjusted the slopes on the outskirts of bases
* Fixed the asymmetry of the level; Red base is now equal to Blue
* AOW04
* Added a back passage to both bases to make it easier to infiltrate
* AOW06
* Fixed the ladders
* AOW07
* Added more dynamic lights
* A few minor texture changes
* AOW09
* Better quality music
* AOW14
* has been replaced with the version from AOW 2.2
* AOW16
* has been replaced with the version from AOW 2.2
* Classes
* Removed Chrono Archer. It was just bad...
* Shotgunner: speed 0.8 -> 0.9
* Technician: cost 200 -> 250
* Weapons
* Weakened handgun
* Submachine gun now deals a consistent 6 damage
* Gatling gun now deals a consistent 6 primary fire damage and 20
altfire damage
* Machine gun now deals a consistent 12 damage
* Laser chaingun now deals a consistent 8 damage
* Shock rifle now deals a consistent 2 damage
* Shotgun now deals consistent damage
* Chainsaw now deals a consistent 23 damage
* Double shotgun now deals a consistent 10 damage
* Sniper rifle now deals a consistent 50 damage when unzoomed
* Weak sniper rifle now deals a consistent 34 damage when unzoomed
* Heal gun will no longer attempt to heal stealth players or terminals
* Improved repair/heal gun altfire behaviour
* Missile launcher rockets now home correctly
* Laser rifle now works when acquired as a pickup
* Crates
* Made Instant Juggernaut crate much rarer
* Hidden a bunch of crates from Open Deck
* Mechs
* The repair facility no longer replenishes Juggernaut nukes
* Juggernaut flak cannon now deals a consistent 20 damage
* Madcat shock rifle now deals a consistent 20 damage
* Orca minigun now deals a consistent 14 damage
* Wolverine minigun now deals a consistent 20 damage