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  Sean Baggaley 05736c1a8c Updated readme 5 days ago
  Sean Baggaley f4a7806cb3 Clean up research definition code 6 days ago
  Sean Baggaley 85e1743090 Cleaned up mech definition code 6 days ago
  Sean Baggaley c1fcdb7c60 Sniper now depends on Barracks, not RC (moves it to Combat menu category) 6 days ago
  Sean Baggaley 673f759c9f Removed about 30 unused flats 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley f77225ce11 Removed nearly 900 unused textures 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley c2ffbb83fd Added AOW31: Hoth 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 56029d0bbe Added AOW30: AOW Zone 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 27c08beb58 Added AOW29: Mining Camp 2 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 3d7135ab52 Added AOW28: Happy Fragging 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 92284eeb75 Added AOW27: Reactor 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 58847fb1b2 Added AOW26: Mir 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley e019d51121 Imported AOW2.1 Renegade 2030; moved Rengade to AOW25 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 03d8d6c948 Purchasing a class now sets player health to their spawn health 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 9fde5c405a epsilon_cl_confonthud temporarily disabled due to bugs 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 6305f4dda0 Fixed beacons not being given correctly when Sudden Death starts 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 53e11099cc Remove that one useless soudn 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 9450e1da18 Added a dumb workaround to prevent ejecting one mech multiple times 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley d69223fcd9 Fixed addon purchasing not checking discounts correctly 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley b79ca70a22 AOW16: Fixed war factory doors, kinda 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley 4fc0b10d65 AOW15: Fixed broken spawnrooms 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley ddd1c5514a AOW02: fix red building sector tags and MCT line tags 3 weeks ago
  Sean Baggaley ca5fe24ba6 Beacons will now disarm themselves when placed near their own team's terminals 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 241765d94c AOW09: fixed duplicate red mct in blue obby 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley cc956ec4bf README PLS 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley fefde5adee Fix mini-raven flags 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley f27d55360b AOW16: Fixed both barracks having one passable wall 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 6a9daa4bf1 AOW06: Red barracks walls are now impassable 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 825c5741cb Added build/commit time to version info 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley f22ee01956 Update readme 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 19ef391508 AOW10: Fix mech-impassible line 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 9ada17d6d3 Jet trooper no longer has bulletproof armour 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 850bd789a1 Fixed readme formatting 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley ecc4b8cf0f Chainsaw alt-fire is no longer an instakill 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley a492e5ee86 Nerfed shotgun a bit 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 44f748ab0e Gatling gun now does 4 damage per bullet instead of 6 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley fb0f78633b Enhanced Refining now works correctly 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley db9cc9ebb8 Fixed being able to buy addons without having sufficient credits 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley f9dacd431d Probably fix credit flow 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley ba300219e6 Updated MENUDEF maplist 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 38eda4d05b No longer able to spam mech eject button 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley f0280bb6f0 derp 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 9fe939616e Juggernaut mininuke can no longer be refilled by backpacks 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley a32fa52b49 Fix red gauss rifle puff translation 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 67d0451db2 Remote C4s will no longer auto-disarm themselves 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 9af5ca8fc1 Fixed being able to use weapons in spawn by walking through the other side of the teleporter 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 6b3aea2ff4 Added usefraggrenade bind 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 1615c6913f PF_FindDefByMenuCoords no longer fatal errors; menu ignores -1 value 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley 1ae858b18d Replaced the correct Renegade map 1 month ago
  Sean Baggaley a3d16e2ff2 Remove repairgun dbg message 1 month ago