507 Commits (master)

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  Mathew Antich a3e8ce389c Making sure correct changes are coming through for penguins changes 4 months ago
  Penguin 4fbf164427 Rewritten from user function to built-in function. 4 months ago
  Hell_Pike 0375a0d2ac Epic2 BTSX1 CC1-CC4 SF2012 NOVA1 in this push. 4 months ago
  Hell_Pike de18e5a391 Tons of stuff here. Epic 2 is wip 4 months ago
  mifu 3569c36eb7 Merge branch 'monthly-release' of mifu/lexicon into master 7 months ago
  Tribeam ea7ac44f5a Changed player TIDs to 1000 as a sort of standard. 7 months ago
  Tribeam fe0db422e8 lore height check now uses the activator instead of a specific TID. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 269c6faafc Tweaked the credits a tiny bit. Put will under a yellow "Artwork" catagory. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 6f9dd47808 Added a a player z check to the lore script, if players are higher than 300.0 units, the script will terminate without displaying anything. 7 months ago
  mifu 8904e6ecc2 Merge branch 'monthly-release' of mifu/lexicon into master 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich e32e763560 Updated Credits 7 months ago
  Tribeam d8d6e98be7 Rearranged credits. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 3ee164619e Made credits image longer 7 months ago
  Tribeam cd3b2b9199 Slight texture tweak. 7 months ago
  Tribeam c37b6a5712 Fixed an oopsie. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 585ca8014e Made the drop holes bigger. 7 months ago
  Tribeam e224fce056 Added "(" and ")" chars to the sonic font. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 465d053e63 Temporarly added blank patches for METALBRO and METSAND1 for now 7 months ago
  Tribeam e73e3f6c18 Made lore scripts clientsided 7 months ago
  Tribeam b5950795b3 By miraculous coincidence 2 mods had the same texture name ALLBLACK, and were both a solid black texture, this was fine for the most part, however mayhem17 was expecting that texture to be 64x64, but it was 64x128, this screwed up mayhem17's middel textures. 7 months ago
  Tribeam ac184ef48b Renamed Mayhem17's FWATER to M7FWATER and replaced occurrences of said texture in the m17 maps. 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich dc715e8e13 Updated README 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 50b8d27520 opps, had doom builder open at the same time..... uh oh 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 28c0caf814 Fixed linedef where it could not find script 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 329ff27742 Fixed linedef where it could not find script 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 8516b758e5 Added the pic to the map with a script. Honestly its interesting :D 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 47e1501c15 oh no a duplicate! 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 2e720d4666 Merge branch 'monthly-release' of https://dev2.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon into monthly-release 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich d60e5e5544 Updated one of the hub tracks 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 1864a36a2b Added a rather interesting picture. This sets the precedent of another easter egg im working on. Thanks willio 7 months ago
  Tribeam b264aed5a0 Made the default voting time 60 seconds. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 0a400d8241 Fireworks now go much higher. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 6bc97ad0fd Fireworks now have sounds 7 months ago
  Tribeam 0b2547b1b3 Added ID Software under fonts credits 7 months ago
  Tribeam d0bba8945b Fixed hudmessage scale in gzdoom. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 31eeaa3e78 Fixed a decorate oopsie. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 6117068205 Added a multicolored firework because why not. 7 months ago
  Tribeam 2bb5d6e246 Fireworks now come in colors, red, green, blue, orange, yellow and magenta 7 months ago
  Tribeam 3977a60554 Added fireworks 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich ca38326edd Changed hub music and changed title music 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 544bffad69 Something was fucking my consoleback 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 9f9134f806 Also added titlepic, this will act as a console back for now. 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 08342c7234 Removed dark tartarus titlemap and added mapinfo def for new titlemap 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich de03418db6 Added titlemap and title music 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich a5a9f9cca4 Fixed a few easter egg bugs 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich c68b3d4b58 Fixed sndifno def 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 1b6bf04d22 Fixed sndifno def 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich d0712b6c64 Added blank music file 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 13bcbabcf1 Edited the map... super hard easter egg in place. If it gets me into trouble though ill remove it 7 months ago
  Mathew Antich 559e3d9567 Added acs for rare easter egg 7 months ago