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  mifu d566098b2f Merge branch 'dev' of mifu/lexicon into master 4 weeks ago
  Maty Antich c716f5da35 Revert "New Build Release - Beta! (#77)" 4 weeks ago
  mifu e757c50eb9 New Build Release - Beta! (#77) 4 weeks ago
  Tribeam 8a269db917 Reformatted d2redux mapinfo. 1 month ago
  Tribeam ecf74142a3 Replaced texture SW1STARG with texture SW1BNZ in DC73. 1 month ago
  Tribeam d948238314 Replaced METAL9 texture with METAL9C texture in Doom Core Trilogy. 1 month ago
  Tribeam cfd8b63503 Fixed rain texture in DC50 1 month ago
  mifu ef1cd5772a Merge branch 'dev' of Popsoap/lexicon into dev 1 month ago
  Tribeam 7c3729f078 Replaced texture METAL8 with texture METAL0 in all AV maps. 1 month ago
  FPNelson 8c790f6543 Added dynamic lights for Doom II actors 1 month ago
  Maty Antich 9de6e56aba Fixed typo in deocrate 1 month ago
  Maty Antich 8292287e9b Added fixed decorate for replacer actors 1 month ago
  Maty Antich 7f85985cf1 Renamed file to avoid name conflict 1 month ago
  Maty Antich 36209b9d63 Added Hell pikes replacer code. 1 month ago
  mifu 7101a2b551 Merge branch 'dev' of Popsoap/lexicon into dev 2 months ago
  FPNelson 5d91dff3ec Added more dynamic lights 2 months ago
  FPNelson 7022c4f753 Fixed up typos 2 months ago
  FPNelson 62f2752cb5 Fixed haymaker using fireshot and added more dynamic lights 2 months ago
  Penguin 6e4e8f2d86
Fixed the wrong votegun. 2 months ago
  Penguin 13088c83ee
Reoptimized PNGs. (Sprites) 2 months ago
  Penguin 4c9638b001
Optimized PNGs. (Skies) 2 months ago
  Penguin 5a390d4ad3
Optimized PNGs. (hp) 2 months ago
  Penguin bd5456f6ea
Optimized PNGs. (Sprites) 2 months ago
  Penguin 209131e2de
Optimized PNGs. (Patches) 2 months ago
  Penguin d6fe9aac07
Optimized PNGs. (Flats) 2 months ago
  Penguin 10f0032993
Optimized PNGs. (Brightmaps) 2 months ago
  Tribeam fc8fc0d8f5 Fixed Back To Saturn X maps using wrong texture. 3 months ago
  Tribeam 024a810fd4 Removed some unused textures. 3 months ago
  Tribeam 5cecee5ab5 Merge branch 'dev' of https://dev.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon into dev 3 months ago
  Tribeam ef9c381f9e Fixed Epic texture EP2F04 being typo'd as EP2F4. 3 months ago
  Penguin 75f34ddf12
Fixed missing texture. 3 months ago
  Penguin de46537873
Fixed a bit because it might still fail. 3 months ago
  Hell_Pike a4f610b7dd Possible fix for the DV219 Yellow Key bug. (Needs coop testing) 3 months ago
  Mathew Antich 1cbdf15a09 Updated Jenkins compile script. We are now in beta 3 months ago
  Hell_Pike eebb394f8a fixed some misaligned textures and a water sector 3 months ago
  Hell_Pike adfdd03940 sky 3 months ago
  Hell_Pike 2d21da67bd Fixed small issue in mapinfo 3 months ago
  Hell_Pike 7987c9757d New single map 3 months ago
  Tribeam 54574bc8ad More pk3 folder cleanup. 3 months ago
  Tribeam 69c33f1120 Added a readme for mapextract 3 months ago
  Tribeam 960bd0c78b Renamed modeldef.heckcube.txt to seperated modeldefs isnt necessary as we only have 1 model. 3 months ago
  Tribeam ec6fcbff48 Moved Oldreplacercode.txt to the workshop folder 3 months ago
  Tribeam f91b48078b Forgot to remove a file 3 months ago
  Tribeam 589d9f5caf Remade the heckcube. 3 months ago
   d7e9409393 Optimized PNGs in pk3/Textures/Lexicon 3 months ago
  msaeo bffbfbc41e Converted Lexicon meme WAVs into OGGs 3 months ago
  msaeo 4135b190a5 Optimized PNGs in pk3/Textures/. 3 months ago
  Mathew Antich e6f757d86a Fixed scaling of some textures on the vr map (in thrope room) 3 months ago
  Hell_Pike 2eddf2ff85 small changes to a map 3 months ago
   9a65a3c8a4 Re-ripped Therianthrope comic in original JPEGs 3 months ago