A megawad compilation for doom
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Changelog.txt 11KB

  1. Stuff
  2. 2b09b9e Fixed texture bugs im D2TWID on map01 Also added a lill gift for Fookerton
  3. 4efc496 Fixed errors with credits script not running
  4. 5e859e9 Finished credits also made hub music random when entering hub
  5. be8682b Revert "Added Mayhem17 textures"
  6. 604ae22 Revert "Added hudmessage at map start, showing the current mapset, level, and credits for said map. Please see the LANGUAGE lump for info on how to add credits."
  7. 92cb4fe Added Mayhem17 textures
  8. 210524e Added hudmessage at map start, showing the current mapset, level, and credits for said map. Please see the LANGUAGE lump for info on how to add credits.
  9. a5447a6 Update README.md
  10. a0d6241 Changed the music.
  11. a2a087d Removed "if all players have voted, end countdown early" functionality. This allows users to change their minds, or allow more players to join and get a chance to vote.
  12. fbbfaff Added endoom lump
  13. 6fe3d56 Added 2 new screens, highlighted the discord link, fixed missing char from font.
  14. f966608 Added drown in blood and Swift Death to HUB. DID is next to Sunder. Switft death is facing combat shock 1
  15. 0fdecc6 fixed swift death interpic
  16. c6f98a8 Added swift death Maps
  17. 002efdb Added swift death Music
  18. 92af5bd Added swift death GFX
  19. 4718e6a Added swift death mapinfo
  20. 635a23c Updated mapinfo
  21. f037035 Fixed switch texture issues for Drown in blood
  22. 992c4c2 Fixed switch texture issues for Drown in blood
  23. 4af762d Added rest of the DIB files and added mapinfo
  24. 3bd6043 Added DIB flats
  25. df494dd Added Drown in blood patches
  26. de5f139 HUB: Added 2 new screens. changed the fast compiler to not do any compression at all, as it is now too slow because the mod is too damn big :D
  27. 1f0f22f Added Doom 2 the way iD did and Sunder. D2TWID is located next to maps of chaos while sunder is next to Dark tartarus
  28. a2f7651 Ignore the memes
  29. 3c3e8ee Ignore these memes
  30. b231794 Added maps dor d2twid
  31. a3d2164 Added the rest of the shit
  32. 8111ec4 Added D2TWID flats
  33. 022c3c1 Added D2TWID Textures
  34. 0ae61d0 Added D2TWID sounds
  35. 895c8f5 Added D2TWID sprites and mapinfo/defs
  36. b02f038 Missing music
  37. 8c6fae9 Added Sunder
  38. a7647c7 Update README.md
  39. 77535f8 Merge branch 'master' of https://dev.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon
  40. cfa2c16 Fixed maps also on forest swords to use new names for the slime flats
  41. f6b5b03 Had to rename slime textures for forest swords. fuck you complex doom
  42. 4c6b2a5 Edited file names to ensure its a .png
  43. 9553998 Added 2 more screens
  44. dfdd1b1 Removed music replacing doom 2 music
  45. 451c87c fixed mapinfo and acs
  46. e90fd32 Added and completed Doom Triology (now added to hub) and Maps of Chaos. Also renamed the WOS CWIL gfx
  47. 1d58a29 Added a rather "special sound"
  48. 4b700c6 Removed duplicate
  49. 7a3361f Fixed a texture up
  50. feeea6e Merge branch 'master' of https://dev.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon
  51. 98be738 Added Doom Core Trilogy maps and textures
  52. ab02f33 Update README.md
  53. 2e1ddd9 Update README.md
  54. f545f0f Hub: Added screen for Forest Swords.
  55. 313340b Added Forest Swords to the HUB. The switch is next to Circle of Caina
  56. 6e4fc50 Fixed some textures
  57. 38a8ea9 Moved Dark Tartarus textures to textures folder
  58. 9544f26 Fixed Grass texture for forrest swords
  59. ab86035 Fixed Grass texture for forrest swords
  60. ca2d646 Fixed Grass texture for forrest swords
  61. 8b87ae5 Moved Dark Tartarus textures to textures folder
  62. 0bbdcef Removed dupilcate and re-added problematic texture
  63. 9b4689f Renamed texture files
  64. 62a34eb Added Forest Swords resources, maps and music and edited decorate and mapinfo.
  65. f9a948e Renamed some textures as lump names were too big. Added some Forest Swords sprites.
  66. 5ddc629 HUB: Added screen for Circle of Caina.
  67. e76c972 Fixed broken textures in COC03 and 04
  68. 242667a Edited HUB to add Circle of Caina. It's next to Monuments of Mars
  69. f7ecc42 Merge branch 'doomer' into 'master'
  70. e8bd7a8 Whoops
  71. 6824fd5 Fixed mapinfo
  72. 84c59d9 Merge branch 'doomer' of https://dev.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon into doomer
  73. 96e514a Added Circle of Caina maps and applied a fix for fog in uac ultra 1.
  74. 2379349 Merge branch 'master' into 'doomer'
  75. 102d19c Update MAPINFO.txt to fix HR07. Needed map07special
  76. c02637b HUB: turned off the lights on the unused switches.
  77. a1da906 Merge branch 'doomer' of https://dev.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon into doomer
  78. 072f163 Added Circle of Caina assets and added Decorate actors and music
  79. 8985119 Merge branch 'master' into 'doomer'
  80. c5bd57e Update README.md
  81. d6d68a9 Update README.md
  82. ac15af8 Fixed Alignment of particle sprites.
  83. 6344f92 Whoops, left frame duration as 0, causing the game to crash.
  84. 58ff6cb Tweaked 'debug mode' text position; InstaKiller priority is now 1, InstaKiller no longer has a spread.
  85. 3a558b9 Removed the kill monsters cheat, having both the InstaKiller and the Kill Monsters cheat is redundent.
  86. e0be94a Moved the InstaKiller to slot 0.
  87. c6f01f6 Added debug switches: God mode and Insta Killer; The Insta Killer is an insanely overpowered weapon, uses the ST railgun sprites, and a custom particle effect by me.
  88. 8d7c6ac Fixed debug cvar default value.
  89. 524659a Added debug mode message.
  90. 1a3f50e Added screen for KSS.
  91. 643a3e9 Merge branch 'doomer' into 'master'
  92. 84f4593 I pulled a tribeam and forgot to save the hub
  93. 5eed4d1 Merge branch 'doomer' into 'master'
  94. 27cb75b Renamed music for KSS and edited hub map. Switch for KSS is behind vanguard
  95. a92a80a Added Khorus's Speedy Shit maps, mapinfo and music
  96. f9ceafc Merge branch 'master' into 'doomer'
  97. f5485d6 Merge branch 'master' of https://dev.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon
  98. 2b2d67f HUD: Added debug mode cvar. Added switches for debug mode cheats(they dont function yet). Switches are only opened when 'lexicon_debug_mode' equals 1
  99. 54da404 Update README.md
  100. 1552d3d HUB: Made static animation faster. Changed off air screens to static. All switches with static now do nothing.
  101. 4ea5553 HUB: Fixed Shai'tan's luck screen; made Speed of Doom pic brighter.
  102. a389def HUB: Added screen for Monuments of Mars
  103. 75e56e1 Merge branch 'doomer' into 'master'
  104. eedc90a Edited ACS and added slot 14 to one of the switches (near the rest of the normal maps)
  105. 4005a27 Fixed textures for Monuments of mars. Also fixed sky.
  106. 605613c Added maps for Monuments of mars and music. Also edited mapinfo and a bunch shit that i forgot
  107. bbe5d48 Merge branch 'master' into 'doomer'
  108. 60d62ef Added Monuments of Mars textures and flats and sprites to the pk3
  109. 25c7961 HUB: Added "OFF AIR" screen
  110. 7cf3c7d Hub: Added static to all the screens
  111. 0c4705d HUB: Made screens impassable so players can jump through them. Changed the speed of the AV credits.
  112. 241ccb6 Added new screens for all the wads.
  113. b883a52 Added workspace folder to gitignore, this is a personal folder im using to work on resources and stuff.
  114. aaa05e0 Update README.md
  115. 66bdeaa Vote switches work again.
  116. b78e10c Added 2 new chars to the Sonic font.
  117. 329f877 Merge branch 'mayhem' into 'master'
  118. fc3c94a Added UAC Ultra assets, maps and edited special lumps to get this working. Also edited hub to account for UAC Ultra
  119. 5c4f730 Merge branch 'master' into 'mayhem'
  120. 313a3aa Forgot to save the map.
  121. a1d7af4 Added scrolling scrolling marquee test for credits.
  122. 51e90f9 ACS: Changed the going back text to say lexicon instead of hub.
  123. 9ac949a HUB: More Changes to the test titlepic.
  124. cec1c2a Updated Readme.
  125. 551adbb Update LICENSE
  126. 176b853 Update README.md
  127. 517498c Update README.md
  128. fdf3ea3 HUB: Added a new test image for wad pictures, Needs judgement.
  129. 1fbf75c ACS: Uhh idk what i changed but im commiting it anyway.
  130. 920db1b ACS: Some tweaks to the hub change timer.
  131. edf0fcb Added *.err to gitignore, no need to include the acs err file.
  132. 32b9033 ACS: PlayerWatch script now has a timer, with colors :D(honestly the colors for a 10 second timer is silly but why not heh)
  133. 530b5db ACS: Added message showing the player what they voted for, modified confetti physics.
  134. b06cb09 HUB: Some sector brightnesses were messed up.
  135. ad12a81 HUB: Lowered all ceiling sectors so that the edge details are the same size on the top and bottom.
  136. 0832cbc HUB: More sector/vertex redundancy cleanup
  137. 533bbde HUB: Removed/merged/cleaned up unnecessary sectors and vertices, more texture fixes, misc other details and tweaks.
  138. 964c267 HUB: texture fixes
  139. 03517da HUB: Removed the middle columns for more space incase we need it.
  140. f30e188 Added grate to the midsection.
  141. ff0da18 Added message to advise of going back to hub
  142. 45c377e Fixed hub so you can vote maps properly and added timer to go back to hub
  143. 5f8276c Merge branch 'master' into 'mayhem'
  144. 91a8229 going with new map idea
  145. 342cb28 More hub2 experimenting.
  146. 44c8051 Made sure lump name was HUB2
  147. b32e6bd I forgot to save the file....oops
  148. 11ead0d The playercount watching script vanished somehow o_O
  149. c535a1b Made a fast compile bat. Confetti :D. Intermission screen disabled for hub map. Added new font. Added sound for winner.
  150. eb36b9c Update README.md
  151. 9c42393 More Test
  152. 10e08cc Testing auto build
  153. cd25fe8 New compile script for Jenkins.
  154. fa90c18 Removed pauses from batch scripts
  155. 9c02c48 If there are no players left, go back to the hub.
  156. 7c693bc Merge branch 'master' of https://dev.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon
  157. 3a86cad Commented most of the ACS code.
  158. 3543abb Update README.md
  159. 795011e Hub2 gl fixes
  160. 7c9e1d3 More hub2 stuff for approval.
  161. 6284018 More work on map, saved as hub2 for approvable of major changes.
  162. 274fdb8 Added *.dbs to gitignore, this file is very specific to each computer that edits a map with gzdb.
  163. 479e035 Added rest of the WOS assets. Re-compiled ACS and mapinfo
  164. 6418bf9 Added Whispers of Satan assets (textures, flats, patches)
  165. 34f2400 Added *.backup[123] to ignore
  166. 22f9c11 Merge branch 'master' of https://dev.allfearthesentinel.net/mifu/lexicon
  167. acf6e98 Fixed CompileACS.bat, Added welcome message, Repositioned votes hud, Added a check for when majority of players vote for 1 thing.
  168. 41bb9f2 Added GAMEINFO
  169. 492337c Add LICENSE
  170. 99c72f1 Update README.md
  171. 89324ab Map Tweaks.
  172. d9984b7 More map details, scripts terminate in any map thats not the hub, vote header no longer shows unless the countdown as started.
  173. 65ddce5 Added compiler
  174. 6ad9902 Moved intermission pics to the Graphics folder to fix an issue with intermission screens
  175. 50f9544 Getting to that point that I hate syntax errors
  176. 533e27b Fixed yet another syntax error..... cunts
  177. 0357f86 Fixed more shitty syntax and also added doom 2 episode in mapinfo
  178. 8383495 Fixed more syntax
  179. 79d7c2b Made all end maps go back to HUB
  180. 20a2648 More syntax errors fixed
  181. e71d1b9 Fixed another syntax error
  182. 424c8a3 Fixed syntax error on line 11 of MAPINFO
  183. d67a1d4 Added HUB map
  184. 0697d44 Added missing INTERMUS and edited Mapinfo
  185. 5a6c9c3 Added intermission music for mapsets. Not done them all however. MAPINFO updated to new format
  186. c9bd491 Added Voting system ACS code and LOADACS lump. Thanks Tribeam
  187. 4481df3 Added TITLEPICS and INTPICS
  188. 682a41e Add README file
  189. 6b94ff0 Put everything in a pk3 folder for easy compiling
  190. 9408509 Initial commit