A megawad compilation for doom
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The Sentinel’s Lexicon

Hi there, and welcome!

This project is intended to be a megawad complation that will contain some of the most pouplar and fun mapsets. This will also contain short mapsets also.

This is to be used for Zandronum.

It will also contain a hub map where players can vote on the mapset to play on.

What mapsets are in there so far?

So far, the mapsets included are:

  • Alien Vendetta
  • Combat Shock 1 and 2
  • Hell Revealed 1 and 2
  • Kamasutra
  • New Gothic Movement 1
  • Shai’tans Luck
  • Speed of Doom
  • Dark Tartarus
  • VanGaurd
  • Scythe 2

How to build the pk3?

Clone this repo to your machine and then run CompilePk3.bat

Automatic builds comming soon.

Where can I play this?

This can be played and hosted on The Sentinel’s Playground with builds that i release.

I would like to ask that you do not upload builds compiled by yourself to the service as I will be also uploading any builds that i deem to be released as alpha or beta etc there. I will actually tell sgt Nax on you if you do this.

You are however free to upload your own compiled build as a private wad.

Want to suggest other mapsets or report bugs?

Feel free to use the tracker on here.


  • MiFU for doing most of the compile work, its a pain in the ass.
  • Tribeam for the voting script and hub map
  • Various map authors for the fun maps that are included in this pack. I’ll get a detailed list later. FYI, none of the maps have changed, just map names and texture renames to ensure nothing conflicts.